Mercury Solar Transit
Mercury and the Sun (source: NASA)

Mercury enters Capricorn later today. Just before that, it leaves its retrograde shadow: it turned retrograde within the final degree of Sagittarius back on November 5.

Cafe Astrology has a succinct description of what should change when Mercury moves into the sign. It’s interesting that I often cite Cafe Astrology when I’m looking for a “succinct” passage. Mercury in Capricorn seems like a place where a succinct discussion would be appreciated, especially after Mercury has left Sagittarius. The planet is in its detriment in Sagittarius. It’s where communication breaks down because it becomes long-winded and imprecise.

Anyway, here is the passage:

When Mercury is in Capricorn, our thinking is methodical and our focus is sober and practical. It is easier to concentrate on the task at hand under this influence. Our conversations may be quite realistic or focused on business/practical matters. Our thought patterns and communication styles become more logical, orderly, and organized. We are more able to sort out what is relevant and essential. Realism enters the picture, our speech is no-nonsense, and precision becomes important to us. We need to be wary of becoming too rigid in our thinking. We may come across as cold or harsh. For some, there is a fine line between realism and pessimism.

It not only becomes easier to choose our words while Mercury is in Capricorn, but it also becomes easier to choose the correct word. Unfortunately, the correct word isn’t always the right word.

So, until the end of the month, try to improve your diction. People may value realism right now, but they will also put a premium on the formality of manners. For instance, I wrote a post yesterday about losing some weight. I’m a fitness trainer who already looks like a fitness trainer, and even though I know that, I still obsess over the way I fit into my clothes. But rather than using the word “skinny” a hundred times over to describe how I would like to look, I went back and edited my post to ensure that I used the word “lean.” The latter has a much more positive connotation, and when I’m leading fitness classes, I try to choose words that are encouraging.

I’m no ray of sunshine: I know that about myself. But like Mercury in Capricorn, I try to be precise. I also try to be realistic without being pessimistic. For the next few weeks, we all should try to do the same.

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  1. Reblogged this on Star Struck Style and commented:

    Mercury enters Capricorn this evening where it will remain until February because of its upcoming retrograde cycle. Except for a couple of days at the end of the year, the planet will spend this entire period within my third house. As a third house type, I’m excited about this transit. I’m typically sharp-tongued and loquacious, but even more than usual when Mercury is moving through this part of my chart.


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