Mads Mikkelsen (source: Screen Rant)

November 22 is Mads Mikkelsen’s birthday.

I’m a huge fan of “Hannibal,” the TV show starring Mads Mikkelsen as the title character. I’ve never looked up his chart before, and it was an illuminating experience.

Mikkelsen was born in Copenhagen on a day when the sun moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius right around noon. If he was born during the first half of the day, he is a Scorpio. If he was born during the second half, he is a Sagittarius.

In either case, he is going to have a Scorpio moon. The moon was conjunct Neptune in Scorpio just before the sun moved into Sagittarius. Otherwise, the rest of his chart is set in stone. Unfortunately, I can’t place the planets in the houses without a birth time.

Yet I can point out that Mikkelsen and I have a bunch of common features in our charts because we were born a few weeks apart. All the outer planets are in the same signs. We share Mercury in Sagittarius, too, and we both have Venus and Mars in a single sign: Mikkelsen’s are in Capricorn and mine are in Aquarius.

Now what do I have to do with Mads Mikkelsen? Well, I actually see some similarities in the way that we carry ourselves. If I assign him a 3:00 am birth time, it gives him a Libra rising and it posits many of his planets in similar houses to mine. It also makes him a Scorpio. That makes sense to me. He does not give me Sagittarius vibes.

I don’t want to confuse the actor with the role, but when actors have tremendous success with a character they play on a recurring basis, they often have something in common with the character. Hannibal was not only a psychiatrist, but he was also a surgeon. Scorpio has an association with surgery and going “deep” in general. A Libra ascendant would not only make sense for Mikkelsen, but also for Hannibal. Hannibal was a bon vivant with terrific posture and excellent taste. I don’t know much about Mikkelsen personally, but I don’t believe he could fake that level of refinement. There had to be something there.

I’d love to know his time of birth. I wish more celebrities would actually respond when I ask them questions like that. It would make my job so much easier. Still, speculating about these things is just as fun as actually knowing the facts.


  1. I just noticed your blog since I had a huge crush for both mads and horoscope! He gives me a vibe of sun in Scorpion, too. And I thought his rising sign may be Sagittarius? Cause his style is more casual in his private life. In the meantime, he has some natural and unrestrained (some see as manly and hot) feeling that definitely won’t come from the Capricorn part . I want to know his real birth time,too!


    • I know this is pretty late to comment/respond, but I just found this page and I agree! I thought he was a Sag rising. I’m a Sag rising (my birthday is just 1 day before his, and we have a lot of the same signs) and he is the one actor I have very similar facial features to. Also, I think Sag risings tend to be somewhat athletic/athleisure style, which seems like his private wear, like you said—


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