Gibbons by Matthias Kabel (source: Wikipedia)

I was born during a gibbous moon. To me, the word “gibbous” sounds like an adjective to describe someone as gibbon-like. For example, “Tracy’s long arms dragged on the floor in a gibbous fashion.”

Speaking of Tracy, my friend Tracy the astrologer and I went for coffee a couple of weeks ago. We were talking about chart interpretation and things that we have learned over the years while preparing charts. I was discussing chart types (buckets, bundles, etc.) and she mentioned moon phases. It’s been a while since I paid attention to moon phases in a birth chart, so I thought that I ought to sharpen my skills. I looked them up.

Now I can admit that I’ve really been missing out on something when I consider the validity of my own moon phase. Check out this blurb from Cafe Astrology:

“Those born during the Gibbous Phase have an innate desire for perfection. Having sharp, analytical minds, they have a need to understand. Looking at a subject from all angles, they experience sheer joy when delving into the core of the matter. Bringing things to the essence of their being, the truth will be revealed. They live their lives in anxious expectation augmented by the breath of the coming revelation. Children born at this time will not be happy with the answers, they will want to know why and how the answer came about. Gibbous Moon people make good apprentices as their goal is to learn all they can and become as good as they can get.”

I suppose that explains my inherent Virgo-ness. I joke around all the time that when I take those “Can We Guess Your Zodiac Sign?” quizzes that I always get Virgo as a result. The gibbous moon description evokes a very Virgo-like character. It also describes me.

I’m glad that my friend Tracy pointed me in this direction. I do make a good apprentice and I do want to learn all I can to become as good as I can get, even if I spend much of my time just monkeying around.

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