Megyn Kelly (source: Wikipedia)

November 18 is Megyn Kelly’s birthday.

I really don’t know much about Megyn Kelly except that she seems to be everywhere this week because of the release of her new book.

Without a birth time, there’s not a lot I can assume while looking at her natal chart. Her moon could be in Cancer or Leo, and her rising sign is up in the air. However, she does have spectacular aspect in her chart: Jupiter opposite Saturn within a couple of minutes.

This is an aspect that occurs every nineteen years. In a natal chart, it can confer a very grown-up approach to life. It makes an individual seem like an old soul. It’s funny that Kelly’s innate maturity became a counterpoint to Donald Trump’s immaturity during the time leading up to last week’s US presidential election.

In the next few weeks, Jupiter will conjunct Kelly’s natal Mars. I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes even more ubiquitous as 2016 draws to a close. She’s on a roll right now and she would be wise to parlay her fame into something even more enduring. Perhaps there’s a future for her in politics . . . or maybe not. The last Scorpio woman who ran for office didn’t do so well.

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